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The Coach is IN!

  • 210 US dollars

Service Description

Singular sessions with Coach Cindy. You will have the opportunity to share your biggest parenting challenges. Coach Cindy will share her best tips, techniques, and strategies that she believes are best suited to your situation. Pay as you go and as you need!

Cancellation Policy

If the Client must cancel a coaching appointment, the Client will communicate to the Coach, via phone or e-mail, a minimum of 24 hours prior to the scheduled call. Every reasonable effort to reschedule within the same week will be made by both the Client and the Coach. Only one cancellation per 4-session package by the Client will be rescheduled. If the Coach must cancel a coaching session the coach will provide notice to the Client a minimum of 24 hours before the scheduled call, if at all possible. Both parties will communicate in reasonable advance about any professional obligations or personal plans that would create scheduling changes.

Let's Get Started!

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